HonorBound Men’s Ministries is the Assemblies of God national ministry to men. The goal of HonorBound is to grow godly men through the Holy Spirit. To us, to be godly men is to be faithful husbands, loving fathers, supporters of our pastors, men of compassion, and effective servants of Jesus. Our goal will be accomplished through the ongoing teaching and submission to four basic principles:

  • we are to honor God with our lives (John 5:23)
  • we are to honor our families (Matthew 15:4)
  • we are to honor those in need (1 Timothy 5:3)
  • we are to honor those in authority over us (1 Peter 2:17)

By following these principles, HonorBound men will be men of honor in Christ, baptized in the Holy Spirit, engaged in evangelism, and living a lifetime of discipleship while supporting the local church.

The ultimate purpose of HonorBound is to see lives changed. The HonorBound training material states it well:

“There have been various ways of expressing what men’s ministry is supposed to be, but we’ve come to the conclusion that the real proof of viable men’s ministries is whether or not a man is a godly man in every sense of the word. We see the role of HonorBound in the local church as assisting in the development of the spiritual discipling of men. We also believe that this is only possible through the power of the Holy spirit as he moves and acts in the heart of each individual man. When we accomplish our mission, our vision will also be accomplished. We will be able to look at the men of the church and say that they are truly different. They are men of honor, standing taller and straighter, more accountable, and more responsible than other men. This is possible because they’ve been empowered by the Holy Spirit. Their lives will be characterized by their concern for lost souls. There will never be a time in their life where they will feel they’ve attained all they can attain in Christ, so they will be actively engaged in a lifetime discipleship process. Also, they will be men who truly understand that the God-given institution of the local church requires their loyalty and support.”

We believe this can happen and we’ve seen the work begin! If you would like to join with us and want to find an HonorBound Men’s Ministries program in your area, please contact your local Assemblies of God church or send email to the District HonorBound Mens Ministries Department.